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alphawhale is a Hubspot Platinum Partner agency specialising in strategy, growth driven design and inbound marketing.

We exist to create moments of delight between people with wants and people with solutions.

We do this by understanding customer expectations and discovering the most efficient ways for brands to meet them.

We also believe in the hidden potential of exceeding expectations at the right moment to maximise delight with the least amount of cost.

We do this because we want to be part of a world that creates happiness and empathy as a way of achieving economic success.

Our service is for people who believe and are passionate about solving their customer’s problem,

We will focus on people who want to engage and delight their customer as a way to achieve success,

We promise that engaging with what we do will create loyal customers, who will become promoters of your business.


Meet The Pod

Nick Montagu

Nick Montagu

CEO / Founder

Ex-Apple superstar. Nick loves to dream big ideas and then break them down into *almost* impossible plans. Eats analytics for breakfast.

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Christina Peng

Content Strategist

Christina is a keen-bean writer and marketer who's on a mission to save businesses from sub-par content. When she's not championing the power of the written word, she can be found advocating for the comeback of 80's music (with lukewarm results)

Candace Tang

Candace Tang

Inbound Strategist

Candace is a marketing automation specialist who's passionate about finding the best tools/technologies that make life easier for marketers. She loves learning different languages and is the brand new mother of a rescue kitten.

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Jake Moreland

Lead Developer

Jake brings 8+ years of commercial web development experience with expertise in HubSpot, Salesforce and Drupal. He may or may not be a genie in disguise.

Patrick Doyle

Patrick Doyle

Scrum Master

Apart from being the most organised individual we've ever met, he has a near-decade of experience in managing teams across the multiple industries. Now Patrick is helping us become the team you love to work with.

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Jin Sun Hwang

UX Research

Jin just had a baby, she is currently having the experience of all experiences. We wish Jin and her family all the best at this time.