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Powering Australia’s fastest growing dental clinic, Dental Boutique, with integrated customer insights and performance marketing.

Using HubSpot's platform, alphawhale increased Dental Boutique's leads from paid channels by 674%.

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    Cosmetic Dentistry
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alphawhale continuously increase brand awareness and customer conversion for Dental Boutique through strategy and marketing across all digital touchpoints.

The Challenge

Dental Boutique, a leading dental practice, aimed to dominate the All on 4 and cosmetic dentistry market, but they faced a complex challenge. Their primary goal was to generate more high-quality leads, crucial in a fiercely competitive industry. However, they lacked a clear understanding of lead quality, as it wasn't tracked effectively in their CRM system. Additionally, their advertising account suffered from suboptimal performance, leading to wasted ad spend.

To become the industry frontrunner, Dental Boutique needed a comprehensive solution that addressed these intertwined issues. They sought a streamlined approach to boost lead generation while ensuring the highest standards of lead quality. Moreover, optimising their advertising account was paramount to maximising returns on their investments.

In summary, Dental Boutique's quest for excellence in All on 4 and cosmetic dentistry hinged on three key challenges: generating more high-quality leads, tracking lead quality effectively, and optimising their advertising account. By conquering these obstacles, DentalBoutique aimed to secure the coveted position as the number one choice in their field.

The Solution

  • We properly integrated their ad accounts so they could accurately track leads in the CRM and the channels they were acquired on.
  • We audited their ads account and ensured it was optimised for the most valuable audience.
  • We made it possible for them to maximise clinic capacity and aided the launch of  new clinics in other regions. Now helping them grow their presence in Sydney, Mornington and Adelaide in paid media.
  • We helped implement sales hub and trained the team on improving MQL to SQL conversion rates. This has been improved by an average 30%.
  • We used Smart content to test different landing page headlines to improve conversion rates.
  • We implemented Service Hub to improve existing patient enquiries and response times and move this task away from sales team.
  • We introduced marketing automation to nurture leads higher in the funnel and implemented lead scoring to further improve the efficiency of the sales team.

The Results

  • Total new leads from paid channels are up 674% YoY while ROAS and cost per lead have remained competitive.
  • Our creative social campaign and associated landing page for All on Implant became their top performing creative and drove 32% of total social leads in 2022/23.
  • MQL to SQL conversion rate improved by 32% over the last 6 months.
  • Reduced time to respond to enquiries by 12x.

The Impact

Our work has given the client confidence to accelerate their ambitious plan to grow rapidly in their industry.This is demonstrated by the launch of multiple new locations in the last financial year alongside exciting plans in the year ahead.The Sales team re now focussed on relevant dashboards and are continuously improving their conversion rate by focussing on time to respond to enquiries.

The alphawhale crew loves collaborating with the Dental Boutique team and being a part of their journey. In addition to the astonishing account wins achieved, we have seen the brand expand to multiple clinic locations.

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