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Empowering Myo Munchee with HubSpot to Revolutionise Reporting for Rapid Decision Making

Myo Munchee is a global dental device brand that sells a small silicone chewing product to improve oral muscles, mainly for children.

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Myo Munchee is a global dental device brand that sells a small silicone chewing product to improve oral muscles, mainly for children. 

Myo Munchee faced a critical challenge that hampered their growth: extensive data issues stemming from a poorly implemented HubSpot setup. This inadequacy forced the company to rely on BigCommerce's minimal reporting features and spreadsheets, preventing them from fully leveraging their investment in HubSpot's robust capabilities.

The Brief

Myo Munchee's initial venture into HubSpot aimed to elevate their business management and data analysis to unprecedented levels, seeking to utilise extensive reporting, sales pipelines, and ticket management among other features. However, the venture was quickly held back by significant data inaccuracies, leaving Myo Munchee in a precarious position of paying substantially for a service they could barely use.

Our Approach

alphawhale was recommended by HubSpot for our expertise in resolving complex platform issues. Our approach was methodical and tailored specifically to Myo Munchee's needs:

  • Data and Platform Audit: Myo Munchee was spending money on HubSpot, but was not using it due to a lack of confidence in data accuracy. We conducted a thorough audit of Myo Munchee's HubSpot setup and data integration, particularly focusing on the period of changeover to the Unific platform. This audit revealed critical gaps, including a major issue where currency was being completely ignored that led to incorrect data reporting.
  • Strategic Issue Resolution: Our first order of business was to resolve the currency issue with their data sync platform Unific, ensuring that all future data would be accurate. We then restructured Myo Munchee's data to enhance reporting speed and accuracy.
  • Implementation of custom solutions: We developed and implemented several custom solutions to address Myo Munchee's specific needs:some text
    • High-Level Data Reporting Dashboard: Segmented reporting such as top 10 customers, region based customer groups, B2C vs B2B segments, etc.
    • Ticket Dashboard: Monitoring ticket volumes and customer service response times, including metrics like time to reply.
    • Sales Dashboard: Detailed overall sales figures with the ability to show data by a specific customer segments.
    • Salesperson Dashboard: Showcasing revenue metrics and sales quantities with functionality to filter data for individual sales performance.
    • Customer Segmentation: Setup customer segments in HubSpot and provided guidance on keeping these segments accurate and up-to-date ongoing.
  • The final and possibly most important stage was providing extensive training and support to upskill their team in the many fascets of HubSpot. This allowed them to easily pull their own reports and further explore the platform’s wide feature set.


The project, while primarily focused on setting up and optimising Myo Munchee's use of HubSpot features, laid the groundwork for a transformative change in their business operations. Though specific KPIs and metrics related to business improvement were not the project's focus, the overhaul of Myo Munchee's data management and reporting systems has set the stage for significant operational efficiencies and a deeper understanding of their business dynamics.

Given this problem existed for over a year prior to our engagement, extensive funds had been wasted no a platform that wasn’t being utilised, while also leading to extensive wasted hours of time spent on manual reporting. Now a report that would take an hour to prepare takes under 5 minutes. With reporting being up to 10 times faster than previous methods, Myo Munchee can easily pull reports at a greater frequency. For example daily reporting opposed to weekly reporting. On top of the speed, they were unable to look at the HubSpot data due to it being entirely inaccurate. We built reliability and confidence into their HubSpot data at greater than 99% accuracy between their eCommerce platform and HubSpot. This allowed them to dramatically unlock immense power in their data.

Future Goals:

Building on the success of this initial engagement, Myo Munchee has extended their partnership with alphawhale. Future objectives include the implementation of an eLearning LMS system within HubSpot to upskill clients on product usage, setting up adequate sales pipelines & automations to support new regional sales teams, and ensuring comprehensive utilisation of HubSpot's features for sustained growth.

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