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Driving Growth: How alphawhale Halved SkyPark's CPA for Enhanced Advertising Efficiency

SkyPark Airport Parking is a service provider that offers parking solutions for travellers at Melbourne Airport.

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SkyPark faced wasted advertising budget due to;

  • inefficient targeting, 
  • mixed intent keywords affecting budget allocation
  • missed opportunities in specific keyword segments
  • inefficient campaign structure
  • suboptimal bid strategy and ad quality. 

These challenges hindered their advertising effectiveness and ROI potential. Initially, SkyPark set alphawhale a goal to reach 80% carpark capacity within the next 12 months. Our team not only achieved this goal but celebrated these results after only 3 months of onboarding. Read on to see how we made this happen.

The Brief:

alphawhale got to work cleaning up the wasted spend caused by poor targeting, inaccurate conversion tracking and budget wasted on attracting the wrong people to the site that were never going to convert. 

  1. Conducting a thorough analysis to identify inefficiencies in targeting, keyword usage, campaign structure, bidding strategies, and ad quality.
  2. Implementing strategic adjustments, including refining targeting methods, optimising keyword usage, restructuring campaigns, and improving bid strategies.
  3. Monitoring and refining campaigns to ensure ongoing optimisation and effectiveness.

Our Approach:

alphawhale was recommended for our expertise in paid ads and our approach was tailored specifically to SkyPark’s needs and industry:

Restructured campaigns for high-converting terms: alphawhale conducted a thorough analysis of campaign performance and restructured campaigns to focus on high-converting terms, optimising budget allocation and maximising ROI.

Completing The Story: Arguably one of the most important improvements we made was connecting the data. We connected the dots of their revenue and conversions data so the team could optimise for value creation and not just ‘leads’. the alpahwhale team could optimise for both value and volume of bookings

Developed a more controlled campaign structure: our team developed a more controlled campaign structure, ensuring that each campaign was aligned with SkyPark Airport Parking's objectives and optimised for performance.

Revised bid strategy and targeting: alphawhale revised SkyPark Airport Parking's bid strategy and targeting methods, optimising bids for maximum efficiency and relevance, leading to improved ad performance and higher conversions.


SkyPark Airport Parking experienced remarkable results. Wastage in advertising spending was effectively eliminated through the implementation of strategic keyword targeting, ensuring that each advertising dollar was maximised for impact. 

Notably, SkyPark successfully achieved their ambitious 80% booking target within just three months, showcasing significant improvement in campaign effectiveness and performance. Through strategic adjustments, we helped SkyPark grow more confidently by ensuring their campaigns and keywords were optimised effectively. This led to their car park being consistently full and bookings doubling.

alphawhale's expertise in lowering CPA resulted in streamlined spending, allowing SkyPark to operate more profitably and consistently. Our targeted optimisation strategies provided tangible results in terms of a higher volume of bookings at half the cost per booking. With alphawhale's support, SkyPark is now positioned for sustained success and growth

Whether you're struggling with inefficient targeting, wasted spending, or suboptimal campaign performance, alphawhale is here to help. Our team specialises in driving tangible results through targeted optimisation strategies, as demonstrated by our success with SkyPark. Let us empower your business with tailored solutions to enhance advertising efficiency, improve ROI, and drive growth. Contact us today to start your journey towards advertising success with alphawhale.

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